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We are currently in a global pandemic and we already know from experience that sometimes just cleaning does not guarantee the safety of your employees and your customers. The problem with germs and viruses is that we don't see them, and we can be exposed to a wide variety of them without even knowing it and that is why sanitation services is so important.  Not only for your business but also for your home.


How does it work? It is divided into 3 phases. FIRST PHASE: We use a top grade disinfection product to thoroughly disinfect all surfaces and high touch areas such as keyboards, door latches, light switches and desks. SECOND PHASE: With a flat pad and using high grade disinfection product, we disinfect all the walls and we clean the floors.  THIRD PHASE: With an electrostatic machine and using high quality disinfection product, we spray all surfaces (desks, walls, floors, etc.) This product dries in 15 minutes.


With these 3 steps, the office, clinic, building, warehouse, office, etc, will be completely sterilized. We recommend a once a week re-spraying of all surfaces with the electrostatic machine. Of course if there is direct exposure with a high contagios virus then we will need to do the all 3 phases again.   We also recommend to do the 3 phase sanitation process every three months. 

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