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Many cleaning companies unfortunately see cleaning as something extremely basic and routine. For example, clean bathrooms, floors, carpets, take out trash and that's it. But what happens to the dusting?  Most likely if you or moving things around or look underneath your chairs or underneath and behind computers you will find dust. 

We make sure we pay special attention to the details especially the dusting.  We use different types of equipment and tools to make sure your site is dust free.  For example we use magnetic dusters and microfiber cloths and HEPA filtered vacuums.   


The cleaning system that AES uses is designated in colors for the proper use of cleaning products and procedures. The green towel is used for the toilets. The orange towel, for the sinks. The blue towel for crystals, and the pink towel for surfaces. In this way, we guarantee that the wrong product will not be used on a surface that will cause damage to it. Additionally, we control bacterial transmission, helping to avoid contagion.

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