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Juan Lizardi is a sanitizing specialist who has 13 years of cleaning

experience working in offices, clinics, factories, warehouses &

restaurants.  Born on July 28, 1989, on the island of Puerto Rico. He enjoys caring for animals, especially his horses. As a young man, Juan was taught the meaning of hard work and cooperation with others. He promoted good relationships, however, was not afraid to stand up for what was right when someone was treated unfairly but did so in a calm and respectful manner. Juan is very observative and takes his time to analyze a situation before taking action which has helped him avoid unnecessary drawbacks. He cares for the well-being of others and strives to help them succeed. As a teenager, he moved with his grandmother to the United States; the reason why he is able to communicate both in English and Spanish fluently.

A hardworking and quick individual, seeking to expand in the maintenance industry.

He believes that thorough training and a well-informed team are key to getting the best results. While working as a janitor, cleaning rugs and disinfecting, he has helped train and supervise others. This has helped him to work together with a team and be a leader which requires good communication not only with coworkers but also with clients and managers. This is all essential to providing high-quality services.

The years of experience he has gained in this field, have taught him to pay attention to small details that could otherwise go unnoticed and pass along this knowledge to other workers to provide the best service. He has been awarded a sanitizing certificate.

Currently working for a building cleaning company

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