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Edwin Manuel Delgado works as a group leader in the Sanitation and Disinfection protocol in clinical buildings. Edwin Manuel Delgado was born on November 30, 1989, in Puerto Rico. He is a very calm and jovial person, very friendly, and likes to share with others in his spare time, he does not get angry easily, on the contrary, he knows how to cope with the situations that arise at the moment and how to have fun with others. They have always liked challenges and not only like them but also achieve them, they are a person who is accessible to others and eager to help others.

OBJECTIVES: Expand my knowledge in the world of building maintenance work and make a huge impact that increases the number of staff and revenues.


EXPERIENCE: Edwin Manuel Delgado has worked in the business world. He has been Manager of the company Autozone, Manager of the company Advance, Diesel mechanic, in which his performance has been and will continue to be working hard for the progress of the companies.


ACHIEVEMENTS AND SUCCESSES: Edwin Manuel Delgado also began with this interest in being a leader in his work since he studied and graduated from Draftsman. Working for some companies as a Draftsman.

ACTUAL PROJECT: Currently working for a public building cleaning company.

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