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Angel Eduardo Sanabria Rivera. My team and I are fully committed to the health and safety of public order. In a combination of more than 50 years of experience in the area of cleaning and sanitation.

I was born on February 25, 1982, in San Juan Puerto Rico, and I consider myself a very happy and determined person. I recognize the importance of good communication and cooperation in order to reach excellent decisions. I really think that there is absolutely nothing that cannot be solved if we follow the direction of Jehovah God, and good coordination and communication to reach a goal together. I am fascinated by solving problems with great respect and good communication because I understand that when problems are fixed with respect, you win more friends.


In addition to expanding my knowledge of cleaning, sanitation, and floor cleaning and carpet cleaning jobs, I want all my employees to be well trained, providing quality service, and more importantly, that they are happy doing their job. The happy employee works excellent, and when that happens we have happy customers. We want to offer the best possible service in the cleaning and sanitation market.


I have more than 19 years of experience in the cleaning field. And more than 20 years dealing with employees. In Puerto Rico, I was District Manager for the Nuevo Día newspaper. In a period of 2 years, I had more than 3,000 clients and managed 10 employees in which at that time I never had a problem that I could not solve thanks to good communication. From 2002 to 2017 I was involved in cleaning houses and offices. Again, good communication and human relationships are essential to the success of a business. Until now I still think the same. I recently worked from 2018-2020 at Bakus Hospital, reinforcing my knowledge in the area of sanitation. I was also working as a floor supervisor, which helped me learn new concepts in the art of floor waxing, polishing, and floor maintenance.


Currently, I work in the development of my company AES Facility & Sanitation Services, and I worked with projects of sanitation and cleaning of clinics as well as carpet and flooring projects and training employees.

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